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Discount policy (Buy more get more discount, Don't Miss!!)

1. Buying 2 - 4 fishes get 10% discount.

2. Buying 5 - 10 fishes get 12% discount.

3. Buying 11 - 20 fishes get 18% discount.

4. Buying 21 - 49 fishes get 30% discount.

5. Buying > 49 fishes negotiate for very big discount

Effective since 12 June 2014

Remark : 1. Discount from price showing in the sales page. .2. Total of buying fish are per one Transection and / or per month preriod. 3. Discount is provide for Betta price only, Shippment fee are not include in this program. 4. Discount are not cover for Guppy and Flowerhorn..

We do have many selling channel as...We also selling in, we also have Youtube Channel under name of Bettaakapes. And we do selling pet supplies at eBay under name of Betta-Akapes.

We do hope that to provide you best and satisfy product/service  to you. We are take care our fish, Our goal is to have fully with happy satisfy and repeat customers.

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