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There are many fish in the world, but as Betta enthusiasts we love Bettas!

 We are a Thai based sells Bettas, Guppies and Flowerhorn . . in Thailand.  We select the best quality of Bettas to sell. We focus purely on quality, rather than quantity, and our fish are of the exceptional quality because of this.

On this site, you will find many varieties of Bettas, and hopefully what you are looking for. We are actively updating this site, so check back frequently to see our newest stock. We sell only Grade A Bettas and our inventory includes all kind of Bettas: Plakats, Siamese Fighting, Veil-tails, Half-Moons, Half-Moon Plakats, Giants, Deltas, Super Deltas, Double Tails and Fancy Bettas. We also sell top quality Guppies;

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 Please enjoy our product photos and videos, all our photos and video are taken and recorded under light. Any discrepancy in color on arrival should be looked at under light in order to best illustrate the fish’ true colors, as well as under appropriate time conditions in order to allow your Betta to show off its’ best colors.

We hope to best provide for all of your fish needs, and hope you are satisfied with our excellent products and services. We take pride in our fish, as we take superb care and attention in maintaining the highest quality of fish.  As we strive to meet our goal: to have fully satisfied, and happy repeat customers.

Please contact us at '' , Facebook : 'BettaAkapes"' , for more information.

Export / Shipping by Airport to Airport and Via Transhipper.

If you are locate in Thailand and want to purchase., please contact me.

WE Also have the Fashion Bags for Sale. You can check our stock in our website.

Thank you for visit us, and please Enjoy!


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